This innovative PV modules effectively combat the common self-shading issues found in bifacial modules, offering exceptional energy performance and unmatched durability. Its meticulous module design employs smaller, unconventional solar cells, uniformly arranged in twin sub-strings placed in parallel and connected in series, guarantees superior efficiency per unit area, delivering maximum energy output. Distinctive cell orientation and robust module structure effectively mitigate bending and mechanical loads caused by wind and snow, leading to exceptional durability.

A more scientific design expands the use cases of Terra, which can be applied in plots of crops, serving as energy-generating fences, which further enhances the use of property spaces, allows users and investors to extract greater power from limited spaces, leading to cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions. Leading a more significant stride toward a greener and more efficient future.


Type and no. of cell : Gallium-doped Mono-csrystalline PERC
Bifaciality: 70±5%
Number of cells 132
Dimensions: 1070 X 2275 X 30mm
Weight: 30.5 kg
Junction box: IP 68 rated
Output cable: 1 x 4.0mm(square) 350mm length or customized
Connector type: MC 4 / MC 4 compatible
Hail resistance: Max. 25 mm, at 23 m/s
Wind load: 2400 Pa / 244 kg/m2
Mechanical load: 5400 Pa/ 550 kg/m2

Technical Data

AE MD-L132BD Series 495W-505W

Nominal Max. Power Pmax (Wp)495500505
Maximum power voltage Vmp(V)38.7939.0339.27
Maximum power current Imp(A)12.7612.8112.86
Open-circuit voltage Voc (V)46.3446.6446.93
Short-circuit current Isc (A)13.5213.5713.62
Module efficiency (%)20.620.921.1
Power tolerance Pmax (WP)0~+5
Maximum system voltage DC (V)1500
Maximum series fuse rating (A)25
Operating temperature ©-40 to +85
Temp. coefficients of Pmax (%/C)-0.35
Temp. coefficients of Voc (%/C)-0.275
Temp. coefficients of Isc (%/C)0.045
Nom. Operating cell temp ©45 ± 2

Durability against mechanical loads


Laboratory data


Packaging Information

Packing Configuration - 72 pcs / double pallets
Loading Capacity - 792 pcs /40HQ
Size / Pallet - 2125 X 1140 X 2490
Weight - 2276 kg / double pallets