Eclipse Ultra-black Solar Panel

For Elegant Living

Delivering the Outstanding Performance and Profitability, the Eclipse series is aesthetically charming and exquisite. The panels are slick black, which is an excellent rooftop choice for the families who underline their classy, elegant and sophisticated sense of style in their living environment. No doubt the color symbolizes – power, wealth, health, prosperity and wisdom.

Bringing on the European market high power and highly aesthetically-pleasing PV panels, AE Solar’s Eclipse series modules maximize system power and performance.

'The ultra-black series of Eclipse is the latest evolution in our industry-leading aesthetically and efficiently roadmap,” says AE Solar Founder and CEO Alexander Maier.


Type and no. of cell : Mono-csrystalline 158.75 x 158.75 mm
Number of cells 60 (6X10)
Dimensions: 1665 X 996 X 35mm
Weight: 18.5 kg
Junction box: IP 68 rated
Output cable: 1 x 4.0mm(square) 900mm length or customized
Connector type: MC 4 / MC 4 compatible
Hail resistance: Max. 28 mm, at 23 m/s
Wind load: 2400 Pa / 244 kg/m2
Mechanical load: 5400 Pa/ 550 kg/m2

Technical Data

AE HM6-60 Series 305W-335W

Nominal Max. Power Pmax (Wp)305310315320325330335
Maximum power voltage Vmp(V)32.8033.0033.2033.4033.6133.8134.02
Maximum power current Imp(A)9.309.409.499.599.689.799.85
Open-circuit voltage Voc (V)40.3140.5040.7040.9041.1041.3141.49
Short-circuit current Isc (A)9.839.9210.0410.1510.2010.3710.49
Module efficiency (%)18.2818.5818.8819.1819.4819.7820.08
Power tolerance Pmax (WP)0 / + 5
Maximum system voltage DC (V)1000
Maximum series fuse rating (A)15
Operating temperature ©-40 to +85
Temp. coefficients of Pmax (%/C)-0.37
Temp. coefficients of Voc (%/C)-0.28
Temp. coefficients of Isc (%/C)0.048
Nom. Operating cell temp ©45+-2


Packaging Information

Packing Configuration - 64 pcs / double pallet
Loading Capacity - 896 pcs/40HQ
Size / Pallet (MM) - 1685 X 1135 x 2410
Weight - 1315 kg / double pallet