Afshin Bakhtiari Interview

1. Tell us about yourself and your main career achievements.

I started my job at AE Solar in 2017 as a technical specialist. I support sales and their clients around the world. On the other hand, I am a project designer and a project manager which means project designing and constructing.

From 2018, according to company policy, AE Solar got strongly oriented to research and development where I was involved as well. Besides the above-mentioned responsibilities, I have training workshops for my colleagues.


2. If there was no renewable energy, where would you be working now?

I have three academic degrees with a related CV. Mechanical engineering (BS), Water engineering (MA), and Solid-state physics (Ph.D.). In other words, if there was no renewable energy I would be involved in mechanical or water engineering. Anyway, my career would be in the energy realm.


3. Tell us the main reason why are you working at AE Solar?

Basically, I was looking for a company with theory and practice orientation and AE Solar gave me this chance. Then, I can use my academic education besides my practical CV.


4. 3 core advantages of AE Solar as a TIER1 manufacturer are...

Basically, all the Tier1 goals are high-quality products. Low degradation makes the clients confident for more than 20 years of energy production. AE Solar guarantee and warrantee prove it. Also, durability is another technical parameter related to quality. In short for a better understanding if durability is low investors can produce energy the same as the datasheet for a few years, but degradation is high, then after a few years, they cannot produce the same amount and investors lose gain. Another technical advantage is the safety of the panel under harsh conditions. Then, it can provide the investors confidence to use AE Solar. To achieve all the above not only do we use trustable sources but also well-known third parties test reports to make sure all data is true.


5. How do you see the future of Solar energy?

Global warmth and environment crisis shoots to energy resources problem and then shifting to a suitable energy source is inevitable. According to different references, solar energy is a frontier of renewable energy as a comprehensive solution.


6. Tell us one, the most interesting story related to your work with AE Solar.

When I started my job, I used the academic calculation method for a project design that got a long time. Then, I accessed to AE Solar technical archive and AE Solar CTO practical notes helped me to design a project easier and in a shorter time.


7. Which AE Solar product or service is your favorite and why?

At this moment Hot Spot Free (HSF) module is AE Solar innovative that launched in the market. But we have the others, and they will be in hand in the near future.


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