AE Solar has become the winner of the UN Global Compact Partnership for Sustainability Award 2021 – in Planet Category



The Award Ceremony of the international campaign Partnership for the sustainability Award took place on December 2nd in Kyiv (Ukraine).

The Partnership for Sustainability Award is the UN Global Compact Network Ukraine’s premier award for sustainability, peace, environmental, and economic leadership. The Award aims to give a boost to businesses, employees, top management, and various levels of government for the implementation of sustainable strategies in operational standards.

AE Solar introduced its recent innovative solution against the industry-related global piracy challenge to the jury – the NFC-chips integrated solar panels. The international market is full of copycats that are developing fake PV modules of low quality with a short lifetime and high degradation under trustworthy brand names. To combat these challenges, AE Solar integrates NFC-chips into every solar panel. And here are the benefits:

  • The innovation introduced by TIER1 German PV module manufacturing company – AE Solar, will make sure and secure each of its partners and customers into the original product quality, warranty, guarantee, and authenticity. Anyone who owns a smartphone can thus check the authenticity of AE Solar´s products in seconds and, once the actual information on the origin of the product is made available, receive a long-term, 100% guarantee of sustainability.
  • 24/7 Care of the buyer easily and efficiently within the app's interaction system.
  • In 1 Second NFC-Chip can provide the buyer with any important information regarding of PV module. The end customer can interact with the AE Solar team directly, share his comments, and get feedback from the professionals. This is a great way to communicate directly with the brand and track solar modules through a cloud database.

“ Our company’s vision is to deliver “A superior eco-friendly, riskless clean approach and safe source of energy across the globe”. Holding this award is a great honor for each of our employees as that means that the AE Solar brand is truly recognized by its global vision and mission. We never stop to deliver to our customers cost-efficient solutions and innovative products, winning in the Planet category inspires us to push our limits and to set the higher goals for the upcoming years.” – says Alexander Maier – CEO and Founder at AE Solar.


AE Solar, The German TIER 1 manufacturer has proven itself to be a dynamic and progressive enterprise, positioning itself as one of the leading privately-owned businesses since its inception in 2003. As a result of the company's hard work, it has grown steadily, broaden the portfolio and strengthen its being on international markets, precisely, AE Solar operates in more than 95 countries. The international team simultaneously tries to provide innovative products and solutions in the Solar industry.


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