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AE Solar Presentation

Presentation in English (pdf)

AE Solar Product Catalogue

Catalogue in English (pdf)
Catalogue in Portuguese (pdf)

AE Solar Lead Crystal Batteries

Batteries in English (pdf)
Batteries in Portuguese(pdf)

Bifacial Modules

AE-BM6-60_280-285W_EN Download (pdf)

AE Smart Hot-Spot Free Modules

AE Smart Hot-Spot Free Presentation in English
AE Smart Hot-Spot Free Presentation in Portuguese

AE-SMM6-60_275-300W_EN Download (pdf) Replacing AE-HM6-60 Series
AE-SMM6-72_320-350W_EN Download (pdf) Replacing AE-HM6-72 Series
NEW AE-SMP6-60_255-280W_EN Download (pdf)
NEW AE-SMP6-72_305-330W_EN Download (pdf)

AE Double-Glass Modules

AE-DGP6-60_260-275W_EN Download (pdf)

AE-DGM6-60_270-285W_EN Download (pdf)
AE-DGM6-60_285-300W_EN Download (pdf)
AE-DGM6-72_325-340W_EN Download (pdf)
AE-DGM6-72_345-360W_EN Download (pdf)

AE Powerplus Monocrystalline Modules

AEM5-36_90-110W_EN Download (pdf)
AEM5-48_120-145W_EN Download (pdf)
AEM5-60_150-175W_EN Download (pdf)
AEM5-72_190-215W_EN Download (pdf)
AEM5-96_250-275W_EN Download (pdf)
AEM6-36_160-180W_EN Download (pdf)
AEM6-48_210-235W_EN Download (pdf)
AEM6-60_270-295W_EN Download (.pdf)
AEM6-72_320-345W_EN Download (.pdf)

AE Powerplus Polycrystalline Modules

AEP5-36_80-100W_EN Download (pdf)
AEP6-36_150-165W_EN Download (pdf)
AEP6-48_200-225W_EN Download (pdf)
AEP6-54_220-245W_EN Download (pdf)
AEP6-60_250-275W_EN Download (pdf)
AEP6-72_300-325W_EN Download (pdf)


TÜV Certificate Download (pdf)
PID Free Certificate Download (pdf)
Salt Mist Corrosion Resistant Certificate Download (pdf)
Sand Resistant Certificate Download (pdf)
Ammonia NH3 Resistant Cetificate Download (pdf)
ISO 9001 Cetificate Download (pdf)
CE Cetificate Download (pdf)
Hot-Spot Free Mono Certificate Download (pdf)
Hot-Spot Free Poly Certificate Download (pdf)

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