Solar Modules

The best way to verify photovoltaic modules reliability is to observe its performance in a power plant. Modules must be able to withstand any external environmental factors and resist all types of natural stresses as they ultimately affect the power plant's performance and investment IRR. We put a selection of PV modules through extreme environmental testing to ensure reliability and superior performance in even the world’s most unforgiving conditions. All photovoltaic modules can be performed with Smart Hot Spot Free Technology implementation. We are gaining higher module efficiency from PERC technology. Our modules are only Grade A and we implement Positive Tolerance up to 5W grading system.

Hot-Spot Free Module

AE Smart Hot-Spot Free Series

with Power Range : 255W-350W (increasing efficiency up to 30%)
available in mono- and polycrystalline

Thanks to an innovative and patented technology AE Hot Spot Free Modules generate up to 30% more power with less sunlight in comparison to standard modules and have no fire risk caused by hot-spot cells.

  • Innovative and patented technology
  • No reduction of module stability and No fire risk, which is caused by hot-spot cells
  • Linear Performance Guarantee: 30 years
  • All PV modules are tested through an electroluminescence inspection system

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AE BI-MAX Bifacial Module

AE M6-60 BI-Series

with Power Range: 265W-270W (increasing power output up to 350 W)

In contrast to standard modules, AE BI-MAX modules generate energy from both sides. As the backside makes use of the reflected light from the surroundings, the modules can yield up to 30% power more, depending on the albedo.

  • AE BI-MAX generate energy from both sides
  • Optimal self-cleaning due to frameless module design
  • Linear Performance Guarantee: 30 years
  • Product warranty: 20 years in contrast to standard PV modules with 12 years

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AE Double-Glass

AE Double-Glass Module

with Power Range : 260W-360W
available in mono- and polycrystalline

  • 2 mm ultra-thin thermally strengthened AR glass
  • the lightest Double-Glass Module worldwide
  • Performance guarantee of 30 years and 12 years of product warranty
  • Self-cleaning effect. Frameless design, no dirt at the edges of frame

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AE POWERPLUS Monocrystalline Module

AE POWERPLUS Polycrystalline Module