The converter
It is through the inverter that electricity generated by solar modules is converted to consumable alternating current. Apart from efficiency, stability and circuit diversity of a good device are often underestimated. Our inverters offer all these and much more. See it for yourself.

String inverters

Our inverters offer the right device for every application. From 1 kWp solar systems to megawatt classes, our range of inverters fulfil every wish. And even here: Everything from one source! It goes without saying that all our inverters are certified and approved in accordance with established standards should you decide to buy a device of a different brand, no problem. Just tell us which one and we deliver.
AE Inverter


AESol-20k-TL series three phase inverter adopts world leading technology, with Max efficiecny 98.2%, Euro efficiency 97.8%,2 MPPT Tracker, accuracy (>99.9%),total Harmonic distortion <2%, IPT 65 suitbale for any working enviroment.

  • High efficiency (Max. Efficiency 98.2%, Euro. Efficiency 97.8%.)
  • Double MPPT, MPPT accuracy up to 99.9%.
  • IP65 design, work properly under severe outdoor circumstances.
  • Full solution of safety protection, DC switch integrated.
  • Flexible input and output connections, support RS485, Ethernet and USB communication.
  • Transformerless design and high power density, lighter and more convenient for installation.


AESol New Energy 3K/4K/5K:Product Power TL:Transformerless 2:Second Generation

  • Max. Efficiency 98.2% , Euro. Efficiency 97.5%
  • 2 MPPT Trackers To ensure to reach the maximum output power
  • Wide DC input range (120-590 Vdc), compatible with different module
  • Disturbed flow fan insider to make sure lower ambient temperature and longer use life
  • IP 65 design, Smaller volume, lighter weight, the inverter only 16 kg.
  • Multiple monitoring methods, New human interface, touch key design, LCD visible at night
  • New human interface, touch key design, LCD visible at night
  • 10 years warranty(5~25 years as option,5 years standard warranty for Australian market)

AE Inverter
AE Inverter

Micro Inverter

AESol-M300 has extremely long service life and compact volume, and could support multiple connected and remote monitor to each modules , convenient management. No afraid of shadow, it could greatly improve overall power station generation efficiency, let you own the highest return.

  • High efficiency(Max.96.3%)
  • Reduce shading issues, improve the generating capacity of the whole solar PV system
  • AC/DC high frequency isolation technology
  • Maximum connection of 14 Micro-inverters
  • Adopted electric power carrier communication
  • Easy design, Plug-and-play chain installation
  • Remote monitor to each module
  • integrated ENS function, complied with safety standard,can be connected to grid directly