Leading in Manufacturing

AE Solar focuses on the manufacturing of photovoltaic modules and selects only the highest quality materials and components. This, together with a world-leading automated production line enables us to offer a high-quality product at competitive price. Our German engineers are engaged to supervise the production process, testing and ensure each module, from soldering to packaging, meets the highest world standards.

Our Photovoltaic Modules

AE Solar guarantees high-quality and best performance of photovoltaic modules using only superior raw materials and components from TIer 1 Grade A suppliers. We are unique among other manufacturers due to a wide range of photovoltaic modules in different performance and technology.

AE Smart Hot-Spot Free Modules

Thanks to an innovative and patented technology. AE Hot Spot Free Modules generate up to 30% more power with less sunlight in comparison to standard modules and have no fire risk caused by hot-spot cells.

AE Double-Glass Modules

AE Double-Glass Module with Power Range : 260W-360W available in mono- and polycrystalline.


  • 2 mm ultra-thin thermally strengthened AR glass
  • the lightest Double-Glass Module worldwide
  • Performance guarantee of 30 years and 12 years of product warranty
  • Self-cleaning effect. Frameless design, no dirt at the edges of frame
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